Slatwall – the SMART Garage Storage Solution

Slatwall started out as a display setting for retail stores. The panels were made with horizontal grooves and were configured to accept a variety of hooks and hanging accessories. They were originally made with wood and later from fiberboard. When the garage organization movement began, they were not considered functional in storage systems because the garage environment could not be protected from water or humidity. Once pvc was used to manufacture slatwall, it soon became the SMART storage solution for many garage workshops. Here’s why.


imple to install. PVC slatwall is ideal in a garage workshop since it can be installed as a complete wall, a section, or a track. You don’t need a professional installer since it comes with all the necessary trims and hardware. Any weekend warrior with a stud finder, a saw and a drill can install a slatwall panel.


anufactured with an interlocking feature, you end up with a seamless appearance. If you have pvc slatwall, you do not have to worry about being affected by mold, mildew or water. It can be installed in damp locations where drywall and wood might absorb the humidity.


ffordable and Attractive. When you factor in the cost of drywall, mudding, painting and installation, slatwall gives you the best value per square or linear foot. A hidden screw design gives a clean look while a hook cavity allows for air circulation and lets you hide any wiring. Both result in a garage makeover with a professional looking finish.


eliable. With a selection of slatwall accessories that run from magnetic tool holders to heavy duty tire racks, there isn’t much you can’t store on slatwall. When testing is done by Independent third parties for impact, lifecycle, extreme temperatures, strength, load and sustainability and a lifetime warranty comes with it, you can depend on your system for years to come.  


ough. Most of the gear you store weighs less than 20 lbs, but a slatwall panel with a hook cavity supports up to 75 lbs per square foot. And, at 2mm thick, slatwall is up to 25 times more impact resistant than drywall.

It is easy to see why slatwall is often the wall covering of choice in today’s garage organization projects.

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