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Powered Lifts

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Get your gear off the floor with a click of a button!

Large sporting equipment is usually the biggest challenge in the garage — solution, our powered hoist system. No heavy lifting overhead and no need for step ladders. 

Our selection of motorized lifts offers a range of weight bearing capacities and utilities. Stop battling Christmas trees, paddle boards, Jeep® tops, and other storage nightmares, we have a solution.

Proslat Storage Elevator lifts and hoists are easy to install and permit one person to lift and lower things with ease. Motorized lifts feature a key lock switch and plug into any outlet.





3 ft. x 6 ft. Platform Lift Kit

220 lb of items on our 3×6 platform lift system in your unused overhead garage space. Load up the platform, press a button to lift, and free your garage floor!  

Canoe and Kayak Lift Kit

Lift kayaks, canoes, and water sports equipment up to 220 lb The key-operated wired controller makes stowing your gear fast and easy!   

Bicycle Lift Kit

Lift up to 220 lb of stuff up off your garage floor and store it safely in your garage’s unused overhead space. The adjustable 6–9 ft. lift bar system connects hooks, straps, and cables to bikes.

Water and Snow Sport Lift Kit

Lift and store water and Snow Sport equipment up to 220 lb. The key-operated wired controller makes stowing your gear overhead fast, safe and easy!

Jeep Hard Top Lift

Jeep hard tops are big, heavy and always in the way. Our new electric lifts make storing your roof a breeze. Simply back underneath, install the straps and away it goes.