What better way to show ’em your love than a Dream Garage?

February 12, 2014 Publié par Proslat - No Comments

At Proslat we take garages very seriously.  Why?  Because they’re the usually the first part of the home you see when you come home every night.  And most of them are full of stuff that you just can’t see fit to part with for some reason.  The floors are cluttered with miscellaneous junk, the shelves piled high with boxes and bins and the walls and ceilings are usually not finished. 

Proslat Wall Solutions take care of these problems.  Our panels can be used as an interior finish, direct to studs or over drywall into them.  Not only is a Proslat garage neat and tidy looking – it’s practical.  You don’t waste time looking for stuff anymore.  Impose order on that chaos.  Get your things up off the floor and onto the walls in their proper place.

Your Sweetie will love you for it!!