Recent Retail Installation at Ski Sutton

October 17, 2013 Publié par Proslat - No Comments

When we initially developed Proslat/Evolia we were focused on how great it would be to have a slick, functional, modular home storage system. We hadn’t really put much thought into other markets.

Much to our delight, we have recently been approached by retailers as well as trade show booth manufacturers who want to use our product in their work. They have cited our ethos as an GREEN manufacturer, as well as the superior value and durability of Proslat panels and accessories as their primary factor in selecting Proslat.

Here’s an image of one of our recent retail installations, at Ski Sutton. We’re pretty stoked about
this…beautiful store, great people and amazing product selection! For more information on how Proslat can improve the functionality of your home/office/retail location, please contact us.